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Every 2 weeks, I participate in a community project called Code for San Jose. A bunch of coders come together to solve problems the community might have. I’ll go into detail in a future post but I have been to 2 meetings and I absolutely love it. I have always been one for helping out the world through coding. Today’s project was proposed by the founder, Kalen, to create a web app for neighborhood associations. Enjoy below.

Project background and description: Interest for neighborhood association app  was growing in the community of San Jose.  However, members of the community complained that while the community was interested in such events they do did not know their neighborhood association.

We propose a website with the ability to look at the map, click on their neighborhood shape, and learn more about the Neighborhood Association is best (ie. website, Facebook page, Twitter account, meeting location, meeting dates). To summarize our v1 requirements are:

  • browse map of San Jose with neighborhood overlay
  • it should pop up information when neighborhood is clicked
  • it should display all of neighborhoods in full list view


Mobile Version:
A large percentage of the world browse the web through their phones so I felt a need to design a strong responsive web app. App condesnses when viewed on smaller resolutions



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