October Round-Up

Every month, I round up a small list of resources/links I believe every web developer should give a read. I’m not going to spam your bookmark list with endless articles to read but I’ll put up I will put 2-3 of the hottest reads in the industry. I will also share with the world some useful resources

Articles to Read:

How it is like learning JS in 2016 – A great fun read that sums up the industry.
The path of software development craftsmanship – Don’t be a framework chaser.
Chrome Dev Tool Tips – Absolutely useful.

General Resources:

Dribbble – Easily the best spot for UI inspiration.
Python Tutor – Helps you visualize code (works with non-js languages too).
Hyper Dev – Online IDE that is actually good.

Sorry, for the short post today. Been working way too hard on a ToDo list application that I simply do not have time for anything. Enjoy and see you all tomorrow.





Thomas Nguyen


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