Benefits of Program Language Design

There are a few benefits of having a great deal of knowledge on program language design. When a programmer learns the ins and out’s of language design, they are able to learn new languages effortlessly. There has been literally hundreds of programming languages since the late 1940s however they can be categorized into 3-4 types of languages all with the same design. Looking at 2016’s top 5 programmings languages (Java, C++, Python, JavaScript, and C#), once can see they are all imperative languages based off of C. Therefore they provide similar features such as for-loops, if-statements, data types and sub-functions except in slightly different syntax. A programmer from one language would simply just need to acquire syntax and quirks from the language based on the concepts he learned in programming language design.

Another added benefit is the programmer is able to better decide which program language would be best suited for the project. Most programmers only learn a few languages on their own or through an in-house training. This results in the professional programmer to continue to use the language even when is it not best suited for the job.


Thomas Nguyen


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