Only Vanilla JS

I need to display data on a page, not perform Sub Zero’s original MK fatality.

The state of the developmental web is a mess. You have React, Angular (1/2), JSX, Babel, ES6, bundles and buttload more. Sure, one can be excited with all of these front-end tools but it’s dreadful for a student to learn. You don’t have anywhere to start and nowhere to end. For a more in-depth explanation, check out How it feels to learn JavaScript in 2016

What’s the solution? Learn vanilla Javascript. No, master vanilla javascript. If you don’t, you’re literally setting yourself up to be incapable of adapting to changing requirements.

Recently, my good friend @douglasdunn15 introduced me to Gordon Zhou and his site to learn JavaScript. WatchAndCode has a different take on learning on learning JavaScript. Gordon Zhou plays down the importance of learning numerous JS frameworks. While he doesn’t outright scold them, he tells his students to focus on the fundamentals of programming. Syntax is not important and can be learned through practice. Mastering the language, debugging and learning the overall development process is far more important. I’m not going to elaborate any longer or else it will feel like a paid advertisement/review but all I have to say it’s a breath of a fresh air from the other tutorials.


Day 1: A New Beginning

Hey all, I’m an aspiring web developer and I want to share my experience as I journey into becoming a professional software engineer.  I have decided to force myself to document my challenges and display my personal growth leading up to the work field.


For a long period of time, I started out as an ui/ux designer (before the term even existed). I always loved the idea of crafting something together and sharing it with the world via the internet. But now I want to evolve myself from a designer to  an engineer. Don’t get me wrong, I still want to embrace my design side but now I want to solve problems.

I started learning HTML/CSS roughly 5 months ago but now I want to restart. Sure, for those 5 months I made a lot of progress but it was all over the place and I did not have a proper roadmap. I do now and I plan on walking through it with the rest of the world.

My main goals by the end of the year are:

  • Be able to code up ANY mockup in responsive HTML/CSS
  • Proficient in vanilla JS
  • Prepare myself for interviews

I built a roadmap that will get me there efficiently. The actual roadmap will be available on a different day. Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride.

See you tomorrow.